Monday, December 11, 2017

#262 Virgil Trucks

#262 Virgil Trucks
Condition: Fair
Progress: 1st of this card
292 of 407 71.7% complete
How acquired: $7.25 of eBay

I don't know the time line as to when Topps released each series of these 52's.  I've spent so much time learning the series, as to print runs, and even card layouts on the actual sheets, that I've never thought to actually look at the dates.  I realize this now because the back of this card makes reference to something Trucks did during the '52 seasons, specifically, throwing a no-hitter.  So it's safe to assume the 4th series (of which this Trucks belongs to) came out sometime between May 15, 1952 when Trucks no-hit the Senators, and August 23, 1952 when Trucks would throw a 2nd no-hitter against the Yankees.  I'm assuming Topps would have made mention of that one as well, as Trucks was the first player to ever toss two no-hitters in the same season (three others have since).

This card was a bit of a grizzly to finally take down and add to my collection.  The $7.75 price felt like a bargain when I landed it after weeks of narrowed in focus on it.  Trucks was a solid MLB'er who pitched on some bad teams.  One of those guys that would post a record of 5-19 in '52 (despite tossing the two no-hitters), then turn around and go 20-10 the next season despite relatively similar numbers (he was traded to a better team).  It's become apparent that anyone of any note in this 4th series is just going to cost more.  I'm ready to call the theory that the 1st series cards #1-80 are more expensive than the 4th series complete hogwash. 

Stats: 17 seasons, 2x All-Star, 177 wins, 135 loses, 3.39 ERA, Led AL in Shutouts '49 and '54, Threw a complete game and picked up a win for the Tigers in Game Two of their '45 World Series win over the Cubs

Best Hall of Fame Showing: 1964 2%


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  1. One of the world's nicest guys too. Just passed away in the last couple of years ... very generous autographer.