Saturday, July 22, 2017

#57 Ed Lopat

#57 Ed Lopat
Progress: none, 2nd of this card
How acquired: $1.04 on eBay
Condition: Poor
This Ed Lopat is another card from my haul from the "Rubbing Alcohol Seller."  I don't know for sure that all the dark blemish is in fact the result of rubbing alcohol, but what ever these cards were soaked in or treated with, has a very strong smell.  My best guess is it was rubbing alcohol.  The stink isn't to the point where I'm worried about it permeating through a penny sleeve and spreading to other cards, or something you can smell from a distance, but when you hold it to your nose it's strong.

I smell my cards.  Go ahead and judge me, but any vintage card I pick up is getting a whiff.  I love that dusty bubble gum, waxy odor that so many of these cards still carry with them.  I need to get with Topps and work on developing a candle that gives off that odor.  There could be a whole line of them in addition to the vintage card scent.  Grass, leather, hot dog water, the possibilities are endless.

As far as this Ed Lopat, it's not even close to being as nice as my first copy.  But I have few rules that I follow and in life, and one of them is don't turn your back on 1952 Ed Lopat's for $1.04.  It's never led me astray.

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