Thursday, January 19, 2017

#84 Vern Stephens

#84 Vern Stephens
Progress: none, 2nd of this card
How acquired: $2.29 on ebay
Condition: Good
This card is an improvement on my first Vern Stephens.  I wasn't actively trying to upgrade my copy, which was completely acceptable, but when a '52 of an 8x All-Star shows up for under $3, I have a hard time passing on it.


  1. No matter how often I see that red billed blue Sox cap it always causes me to blink. Just doesn't look right. Great card though. Not just condition but the composition of it, colors, his smile. Nice upgrade.

  2. @commishbob The hat fooled me too. I originally posted this with a "St. Louis Cardinals" tag, and didn't catch the mistake until after it went up.

    1. Did they ever even wear these? Maybe the guy who repainted it got the Red Sox and Boston Braves mixed up. The Don Lenhardt card is the other one that appears to have a red bill. Both he and Stephens came to the Sox from the Browns. Odd.