Tuesday, August 13, 2013

#84 Vern Stephens

#84 Vern Stephens
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How acquired: 2.49 on ebay
Condition: Good
I'll continue to repeat this ad nauseum, off-centered cards in this set irritate some sort of subconscious tick that I have.  This one just barely falls into my acceptable range as the white along the left edge is still visible.  If it weren't, I'd probably be looking to upgrade this card.  As it is, I'm having a hard enough time ignoring the red along the top of the back runs all the way to the edge.  I know it's crazy, but a black marker beard, or four sets of staple holes would bother me less than severe off-centering in this set.

Stephens is a guy I had never really heard of, but was a bit of a stud in his prime.  He finished in the Top 10 of MVP voting 6 different times, was a home run champ, and led the AL in RBI's three different times.  Yet he never got a single HOF vote.  He is eligible via that new pre-1943 Veterans Committee ballot/thing (which I do not entirely understand the finer points of).

Stats: 15 seasons, 8x All-Star, 1,859 hits, 1,174 RBI, 247 Home Runs

Best Hall of Fame Showing: N/A

*2006 Red Sox HOF inductee


  1. I've always wondered if "off-centeredness" is more of a problem with collectors of a certain age (younger than me) who didn't experience rampant off-centered cards coming right out of a pack (often 3 or 4 per 10-card pack).

    It doesn't bother me that much, probably because it was such a regular part of collecting in the '70s.

  2. wow those are some surprisingly great stats

  3. @night owl: The off-centered tick I have is really just limited to this set for me, don't ask me why. Some of my most prized cards in my entire collection are severely off-centered cards from the 70's and 80's. I used to actively seek them. I think it may be the difference of horizontal vs. vertical off-centering.

    OC '71 Reggie

    OC '76 Rice

  4. I've looked at so many off-centered 1959s that I don't even notice it anymore.