Monday, July 11, 2016

#201 Alex Kellner

#201 Alex Kellner
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Typically I don't care for the generic head portrait shots on Topps cards.  Over the decades there's been no shortage of them (1985 stands out as a year in which seemingly half the pitchers in the league were subjected to them).  They're not all created equal however, and some of them just have a character all their own.  This Kellner is one such example (1970 Pete Rose and 1978 George Brett are others that come to mind). 

Kellner has the unique distinction of following up a twenty win season with a twenty loss season in '48/'49.  I can't imagine that's been done too many times in history.  As a rookie in 1948 he went 20-12, posted a 3.75 ERA, threw 19 CG, was an All-Star, and finished 2nd in Rookie of the Year voting to Roy Sievers.  The following year he led the league in losses going 8-20.

Stats: 12 seasons, All-Star, 101 wins, 4.41 ERA, 99 CG

Best Hall of Fame Showing: N/A 

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  1. Dick Ellsworth did the 20 win/loss in reverse! Lost 20 in 1962 and won 22 in 1963. Then he lost 22 in 1966..Yipes! Thanks for the great info!