Saturday, December 2, 2017

#244 Vic Wertz

#244 Vic Wertz
Progress: 1st of this card
288 of 407  70.8% complete
How acquired: $5.25 on eBay
Condition: Poor

This Vic Wertz was a tough card to track down, or at least, to track down at a price that I was willing to pay.  This is one of those cards in this set that just doesn't show up for under ten bucks very often, unless it looks like this.  The premium on this Wertz doesn't bother me as much as some of the others as he was a solid player, driving in over 100+ runs five different times over the course of 17 seasons.

The premium could also be for other variables as well.  Wertz is a big name for trivia buffs, as he hit the ball in the '54 World Series that served as the set up for Willie May's famous catch in the Polo Grounds.  After baseball Wertz raised millions for various charities in Michigan including the Special Olympics, March of Dimes, and Boys & Girls Club among others.  So imagine he remains a popular guy to collect among Tigers fans.

Stats: 17 seasons, 4x All-Star, 1,692 hits, 266 home runs, 1,178 RBI's, .277 avg., went 8/16 with a home run in the '54 World Series.

Best Hall of Fame Showing: 1.4% 1975 (spent 9 years on the ballot)

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