Saturday, August 5, 2017

#66 "Preacher" Roe

#66 "Preacher Roe"
Progress: none, 2nd of this card
How acquired: $3.51 on ebay
Condition: Good
My first copy of "Preacher" wasn't one I had any thoughts of upgrading, but when this copy fell into my lap, I was more than happy to swipe the two out in my binder.  For a number of reasons, least of which being "Preacher" was really good, I find this to be one of the cooler cards in the set.  I'll take as many as people want to sell at this rate.

I keep my 52's in a binder in the 8-pocket Ultra-Pro pages.  Ultra-Pro calls them "Platinum," but I've found they're not nearly as nice as the "Platinum" 9-pocket pages.  Maybe it's a result of the seams not providing the same support in the 8 card horizontal layout, but they feel more flimsy to me, and they're not deep enough as the edges of the two cards in the top row tend to be exposed.  Perhaps I'm nuts, but I also feel like they're not as clear.  I'd really like to see them correct this.  

I use 8-pocket pages for my '52-56 Topps and nothing else.  Some high end collectors may laugh at me, but when I'm dropping $15 or even $60 (Yogi Berra) on a card, that's a lot of money, and I'd like the card to be protected a little better in it's page.  "Just get your nice cards graded and slabbed."  No.  I'm in the business of cracking cards out of slabs, not putting more in them.  I like to enjoy my cards, and on rare occasions, try to force others to enjoy them.  This involves taking my '52 binder off the shelf and flipping through the pages, or even more recklessly, letting a non-collector flip through the pages.  I'd like a sturdier page.  I'm talking something as thick as those semi-rigid top loaders.  I'd be willing to pay more for them.  We are after all talking about sixty year old cards that tend to cost more than typical cards.  We're not all top-loader guys with giant boxes of our valuables.  Some of us simple folk will endure some wear and tear in the name of a binder to look at.  I'd just like to minimize that wear and tear for the older stuff.

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