Wednesday, November 21, 2012

#66 "Preacher" Roe

#66 "Preacher" Elwin Roe
Progress: 1st of this card
8 of 407   1.97% Complete
How Acquired: $8.50 on ebay
Condition: Good
You can see there's some pretty heavy water staining on this card.  Other than that it's in fantastic shape.  It actually has one corner that nearly comes to a point and is crease free.

Stats: 12 seasons, 4x All-Star, 101 Complete Games

Best Hall of Fame Showing:  0.8% 1971


  1. I was never a big fan of 52 Topps but I love this card. Here is why:

  2. That's a cool story. I spent a summer working in a souvenir shop in Cooperstown with Clete Boyer after my freshman year of college.

    If you weren't paying $10 for one of the autographed 8x10 he hawked in the back he didn't have the time of day for you, that went for the employees too.