Friday, April 14, 2017

#169 Howie Judson

#169 Howie Judson
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The first line on the back of Judson's card reads that "Howie has been a member of the White Sox longer than any other player on the team."  That's kind of shocking given Judson had exactly four MLB seasons under his belt when this card was printed.  What was going on in Chicago?  I guess it's a by product of trying to be competitive, cycle guys in and out.  It had to be maddening to be an AL team during that period.  From 1947-1964 the Yankees won 15 of 18 AL Pennants.  Cleveland won two, and the White Sox managed to take one in 1959.  I guess relatively speaking, you can call that a huge a success.  So their roster turnover "worked" to a degree (the arrival of Fox and Aparicio probably didn't hurt either).

Judson appears to be a bit of a feel good story.  Born in Illinois, he played college ball for the Illini, and ended up with the White Sox.  We should all have been so lucky.

Stats: 7 seasons, 17 wins, 37 losses, 4.29 ERA, 14 saves

Best Hall of Fame Showing: N/A

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