Thursday, October 29, 2015

385 Bob Kuzava

#85 Bob Kuzava
Progress: None, 3rd of this card
How acquired: $5.20 one ebay
Condition: Good
This is my third copy of this card.  It's probably the nicest one I have, but it wasn't a card I was looking to improve on either, certainly not at this price.  It came as part of a larger lot of cards that included a couple of other needs, and in the aggregate was really too good of a price not to jump on.  I'm nearing the point where I may start unloading some of my mounting number of duplicates on ebay in order to finance a few of the higher dollar cards that are getting harder and harder to ignore on my "need" list.  It pains me to do so, as I have an aversion to letting go of vintage cards, but if I can turn ten or fifteen dupes into a Billy Martin, Ralph Houk or even maybe a well-worn Andy Pafko, it's an easy choice.

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