Thursday, March 28, 2013

#214 Johnny Hopp

#247 Johnny Hopp
Progress: None, 3rd of this card
How acquired: $4.01 on ebay
Condition: Very Good
This is my 3rd copy of this former All-Star, and it's nicest of the three by a large margin.  You can click this link, or just the thumbnails below to see the other two, which both had serious flaws.  One with lipstick on the front, the other with some severe glue issues.  This is the first '52 I've obtained in triplicit, and it's not something I hope to make a regular practice of.  The fact is, either of the first two were more than suitable copies by my standards.  But it's hard to turn down a Yankee, much less an All-Star like Hopp, when it's in this nice of condition and can be picked up for less than $5.

(Above) glue damaged card

(Left) Front of glue card

(below) Lipstick card

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