Sunday, July 16, 2017

#27 Sam Jethroe

#27 Sam Jethroe
Progress: None, 2nd of this card
How acquired: $0.99 on eBay
Condition: Fair

"The Jet" is another one of my favorites in this set that was in need of an upgrade.  "Upgrading" is far from a priority, but I find myself doing it more and more when the price is right.  Recently I struck eBay gold from a particular seller and picked up three upgrades at 99¢, 99¢, and $1.84 along with some needs (wasn't so lucky on the prices for those).  

Jethroe has a fascinating stat line as far has his career numbers in MLB go.  He literally streaked across the league like a comet for three seasons, leading the league in stolen bases twice and winning the Rookie of the Year Award, before developing vision problems (and perhaps being older than he claimed) and fading into baseball oblivion.

This is the only Topps card Jethroe ever appeared on, but his 1951 Bowman is one of my favorite cards in my collection, and as I don't see myself ever getting around to a '51 Bowman blog, I'm going to use this post as an opportunity to show it off.

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