Wednesday, June 14, 2017

#160 Owen Friend

#160 Owen Friend
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Owen Friend played in parts of five major league seasons, splitting time between five different clubs over 208 career games.  I doubt players were very into framing their own jersey's back then, but if Owen wanted to, he could have filled up a pretty good sized rec room.

I've got two schools of thought when it comes to playing for multiple teams.  If you're going to spend more than a decade in the league, I thinks it's better to spend it all with one club.  But for guys like Owen, I think I'd rather play for as many teams as possible.  Of course, I imagine it's hard to know whether you're destined for a couple quick cups of coffee, or a solid decade plus of everyday playing time.

Stats: 5 seasons, 136 hits, 13 HR, .227 avg.

Best Hall of Fame Showing: N/A

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  1. He may have played for five teams but he never wore another cap as cool as that Brownies one.