Monday, May 1, 2017

#99 Gene Woodling

#99 Gene Woodling
Progress: 1st of this card
228 of 407  56% complete
How acquired: $4.25 on eBay
Condition: Good
Woodling has been an elusive card for me.  This card typically demands a premium ("Yankee Tax") on eBay, and given it's less than awesome eye appeal and the fact that I didn't know much about Woodling, I never reached for one.  I figured I'd eventually find an acceptable copy at a better price, and here it sits.  While I stand by my belief that this Woodling doesn't have much eye appeal, I was wrong about not thinking much of Woodling the player.  He hung around for 17 seasons (and lost two to military service) and was a regular starter on a Yankee teams that won five straight World Series from 1949-53.  In 26 career World Series games, Gene batted .318.  He also received MVP votes in six different seasons.  So, my bad, for not knowing Woodling.

The card's aesthetics though, those are still lacking.  For one, too much yellow.  Given the yellow in the Yankee logo box, the background should be something else.  It's also cropped weird.  Woodling was no giant at 5'9'', but there doesn't need to be so much space between the top of his hat and the top of the card.

Stats: 17 seasons, All-Star, 1,585 hits, .284 avg., 147 Home Runs, led AL with .429 OBP in '53.  5x World Series Rings.

Best Hall of Fame Showing: N/A


  1. I grew up in Baltimore in the 50's and 60's. Woodling played for the O's a couple of times then and when his old pal, Hank Bauer, became Manager in 1964 Woodling was brought back as a coach. I believe he was well liked in Baltimore and was a coach for a few years. He was there for the Championship in 1966 and has been elected to the BALTIMORE ORIOLE hall of fame. He also was key in getting better pensions for former players.