Thursday, February 2, 2017

#240 Jack Phillips

#240 Jack Phillips 
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How acquired: Sent by reader Dave
Condition: Near Mint
I have no idea what these cards looked like coming out of packs in 1952.  I imagine paper, ink, printing, packaging, etc, wasn't what it was in 1987 when I was opening wax packs with reckless abandon.  But I don't think those cards I was pulling out of packs in 1987 were that much nicer than this Jack Phillips is today.  You have to be a real nit-picking one upper to find anything wrong with this card.

Two things jump out at me about this Phillips.  One is that Jack went to Clarkson College.  Clarkson athletes typically don't end up on bubble gum cards unless they're wearing skates.  I've noticed a lot of these cards list college's that wouldn't be considered baseball facotries today.  Which sort of facinates me (how did scouting work back then?) but is a project for another day.  

The other, and completely unreleated thing that jumps out is his middle name, "Dorn."  I never miss a chance to argue on the internet about the best baseball movie whenever it comes up (FYI, it's Field of Dreams), and as one of those people, have a deep love of Major League, and all the fictional Indians, "yes, even you Dorn."

Stats: 9 seasons, 343 games, 252 hits, 101 RBI, .283 avg., 5 IP, 7.20 ERA, World Series Ring with Yankees in 1947

Best Hall of Fame Showing: N/A


  1. He was from a small town near Buffalo. between that and attending Clarkson, he had about six months to play when the fields weren't permafrost. I'm always impressed by guys who make it despite those conditions.

  2. Jack Phillips is kind of a legend in these parts due to his Clarkson days. I should really pick up one of his cards.