Wednesday, February 22, 2017

#21 Ferris Fain

#21 Ferris Fain
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How acquired: sent by "CommishBob"
Condition: Good
This card was sent by this site's most consistent commenter, "Commishbob" (thank you!).  I'm not going to look this card in the teeth too much, other than to say, it's in pretty decent shape, and far exceeds my standards for inclusion.

Fain is a guy I wasn't familiar with (this set has really put my stat-nerd historian ego in check), but as the back proclaims with an "!" Fain was the AL batting champ in 1951.  He had brief, but prolific nine year career, making five straight all-star teams from '50-'54 and winning back to back batting titles in '51 and '52.  Apparently my baseball knowledge prior to 1960 is on a par with that of the typical disinetersted grandmother.  "Yeah, Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth were both good, but so was Shoeless Joe."

Stats: 9 seasons, 5x All-Star, 1,139 hits, 213 doubles, 48 home runs, 570 RBI's

Best Hall of Fame Showing: N/A


  1. My favorite thing about this card is the A's logo that is used in the design.

  2. Has any other set ever listed 'eye color' in the info section? And does anyone besides me always try to check to see if the image matches the listed color? Fain's don't. They gave him blue eyes in the retouch.