Friday, June 3, 2016

#193 Harry Simpson

#193 Harry Simpson
Progress: 1st of this card
175 of 407  43% complete
How acquired: $5.00 on eBay
Condition: Good
There's a bit of paper loss on the front of this card, but nothing big, and in a relatively harmless location.  There are a handful of examples of '52 Topps that I've come across that just look out of place.  Like they don't belong in the set.  This is one of them.  That's not to say it's a bad looking card, but the coloring and "photo" selection just stand out as different from the vast majority of the rest of the set.   

Stats: 8 seasons, All-Star, 752 hits, .266 avg, led AL in triples in '56  (11) and '56 (9)

Best Hall of Fame Showing: N/A

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  1. The Philadelphia Stars of "semi-pro" fame? Did any Topps cards of the time call them Negro League teams?