Tuesday, April 5, 2016

#75 Wes Westrum

#75 Wes Westrum
Progress: None, 2nd of this card
How acquired: $3.25 on ebay
Condition: Very Good
I'm far from a stickler when it comes to the condition of these cards, but that doesn't mean I won't upgrade when the opportunity presents itself, especially if it's a card I like.  This Westrum falls into that category.  I just picked up my first one a few weeks ago, and thought it was a great looking card.  However, my first copy had some pretty serious tape damage and paper loss.  So when I had the chance to grab this upgrade at a reasonable number, I did so.

This card has also helped me make a decision regarding red backs vs. black backs.  I've decided I like the red backs better, and it's by rather large margin.  I pretty sure I've read that the black backs are scarcer, but I don't know how true that is, that's fine by me, as I'd rather have red backs going forward.  That's not to say I'll be looking to replace any black backs I already have, or won't buy them when available.  It's just a comment on this set that I'm slowly becoming somewhat familiar with.  Eight years ago, the set had spent a lifetime being perceived as mysterious and impossibly unattainable in my mind, and the idea of caring what color the backs were just seemed absurd.  Now, 41% of the way in, I'm comfortable stating a preference.

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