Monday, April 25, 2016

#31 Gus Zernial

#31 Gus Zernial
Progress: 1st of this card
172 of 407  42.2% complete
How acquired: $7.50 on ebay
Condition: Good
Obviously there is an enormous crease running across the top of this card.  I can live with that.  This card has been one I've wanted since I started targeting 52's, and it's always eluded me.  It doesn't seem to be particularly scarce, it just always sells for a somewhat hefty price.  Not surprising given that Zernial, a former home run and RBI champ, was a pretty big star in his day, and the awesome photo used for this card (I'm surprised Topps hasn't recycled it for an insert set in recent years, then again, maybe they have and I missed it).  The photo was done to commerate a hot stretch of Zernial's where he hit six home runs over a three game span.  Hit would actually hit a 7th in his next game.  This copy doesn't have the best coloring that I've seen, and even though it breaks my general rules, I'll probably seek out a nicer copy of it at some point.  It's on my short list for favorite card in the set.

Stats: 11 seasons, All-Star, 237 home runs, 1,093 hits, .265 avg,  '51 AL Home Run and RBI Champ (split between 2 teams), 4x 100 RBI Seasons, numerous top 10 showing in outfield defensive categories.

Best Hall of Fame Showing:  N/A

And he was a bit of stud, and was actually who DiMaggio went through to meet Marilyn Monroe:


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