Wednesday, March 16, 2016

#36 Gil Hodges

  #36 Gil Hodges
Progress: 1st of this card
167 of 407 41% complete
How acquired: $10.00 on ebay
Condition: Poor 
Obviously this card has some issues, but none that I can't forgive.  I probably over-paid for this card at $10, but then again, it's a '52 Hodge and I spent the price of 5 packs of 2016 on it, so I'm not losing too much sleep over it.  Some kid somewhere along the way felt the need to add the helpful reminder that the Dodgers are no longer in Brooklyn.  I'm curious how long it took casual fans to not think twice about it.  Hodges is one of those guys that I always forget isn't a Hall of Famer.  Off the top of my head he seems like a no-brainer, then I pull up baseball-reference and the "All-Star" banner is staring me in the face.  Hodges also spent 9 seasons as a manager, leading the Mets to a World Series in 1969.

Stats: 18 seasons, 8x All-Star, 2x Gold Glove, 1,921 hits, 370 home runs, 1,274 RBI, .273 avg, 7 NL Pennants, 2 World Series rings, 5 World Series home runs

Best Hall of Fame Showing: 1983 63.4%

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  1. Hodges' exclusion from the Hall is a travesty IMHO. If Tony Perez is a Hall of Famer then Gil Hodges is as well. And that isn't even considering the job he did to guide the Mets to the '69 title. That was miraculous.

    And this is such a neat card. I don't remember seeing it before.