Friday, December 4, 2015

#188 Clarence Podbielan

#188 Clarence Podbielan
Progress: None, 2nd of this card
How acquired: $5.50 on ebay
Condition: Near Mint
Unlike the Haugstad card in the last post, I knew full well I already had a copy of this card when I purchased it.  Oddly, I believe the two nicest (condition wise) 52's that I own are both Clarence Podbielan cards.  This card is miscut, but otherwise pristine.  I've never dabbled in the graded card side of the hobby, but I have to imagine this card would be given a pretty favorable mark.  I didn't buy it for that reason, but it didn't hurt.  I'm of the belief I can never have too many Yankees, Dodgers, or Giants from the '52 set, and figure duplicates of those teams will come in handy down the road when I'm forced to find creative ways to obtain the more expensive cards in the set.

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