Wednesday, November 4, 2015

#155 Frank Overmire

 #155 Frank "Stubby" Overmire
Progress: 1st of this card
146 of 407  35.9% complete
How acquired: $5.20 on ebay
Condtion: Excellent
The 4th of six cards in a recent lot I purchased on ebay, Overmire is only the second not to be a duplicate.  I've wanted this card pretty much since day one of deciding I was going to try to tackle this impossible task.  However, Overmire routinely sells for way above what his career should merit.  It's no secret why to me, it's one of the best looking cards in the entire set.  Unless you are so blinded by Yankee hate, you should be able to see why.  The patch on the sleeve, the facade in the background, the pinstripes, the logo, I even think this may be a night card, everything about it screams awesome.  Except for Frank, who had a very respectable career, but not one that warrants selling for the same amount as the likes of Ed Lopat.  As I've said before, anyone to ever step foot on a Major League field, even for half an inning, is obviously wildly talented, and probably has a Little League field named after them somewhere.  So when I say Frank isn't awesome, I simply mean in the context of comparing his career to that of other major leaguers.  In any event, I love this card, and if getting it at this price meant I had to also upgrade four other Yankees I already had at the same price, I can live with that.

Stats: 10 seasons, 58 wins, 50 complete games, 3.96 ERA, World Series Ring with Detroit in 1945

Best Hall of Fame Showing: N/A


  1. I agree 100% Thisone falls into the 'Cardboard Art' category for sure. Great pickup.

  2. Frank? What's this "Frank" nonsense? The name is Stubby. Awarding Topps negative 10 points for that.