Tuesday, February 11, 2014

#119 Maurice McDermott

#119 Maurice McDermott
Progress: None, 2nd of this card
How Acquired: $4.00 on ebay
Condition: Fair
While this card is more beat up than my first copy, it lacks the "Wash" written in pencil on the front.  So given a choice between the two, I'll go with this one.  I'm not sure how I feel about tape stains.  I certainly don't hate them, I'm just not sure if I like them.  I don't think there's any denying that they're kind of cool.  Hard evidence of a time when people scotched taped cards into scrap books.  It gives the cards more of a personality and history, as oppossed to card from say 1988, which was likely filed neatly into a storage box the second it was pulled from a pack, and sat there for 30 years until someone dropped it in their online shopping cart on Sportlots.com.  Somebody enjoyed this card at some point and thought enough of it to tape it into a scrapbook.

Maurice is believed to be the subject of a Norman Rockwell painting titled "The Rookie." There may be some debate as to whether that's true, and per the wiki page on the painting, someone else served as the model for the scene.

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  1. Good luck with this endeavor. I collect Red Sox cards. I still. Eyed the 9 high numbers for the 52's . Prices are crazy and the players are just regular guys no stars. There is one on eBay now with a bb hole thru it . Still goes for 55 bucks.