Thursday, January 30, 2014

#267 Sid Gordon

#267 Sid Gordon
Progress: 1st of this card
114 of 407 28% complete
How acquired: $4.24 on ebay
Condition: Fair
Obviously this card has significant paper-loss on the front.  Other than that issue, it's in fantastic shape.  Sharp, firm edges, vibrant colors, and just a great looking card, other than that paper-loss issue.

Per wiki, Sid took some anti-Semitic abuse during his playing career.  He's still 3rd all-time for home runs for a Jewish player behind Hank Greenberg and Shawn Green.

Stats: 13 seasons, 2x All-Star, 1,415 hits, 202 home runs

Best Hall of Fame Showing: N/A


  1. TWO weeks without a fifty TWO fix is TWO long!

    This is one of my favorite cards so far. The Braves had such nice uniforms (and still do).

  2. Sorry for the delay. Ebay hasn't been cooperating.