Wednesday, September 25, 2013

#4 Don Lenhardt

#4 Don Lenhardt
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Condition: Very Good
Despite this being a card of a Red Sock, I find it to be a very aesthetically pleasing.  At least the uniform is an airbrush job. Though given that all the cards in this set were painted photos, I'm not sure it's fair to distinguish any of them as "airbrushed."  Someone more knowledgeable than me will have to make a ruling, if it hasn't been done so already. 

 I really like the green.  From what I've seen of the low numbers in the first series, there are some cards with very nice solid colored backgrounds outlined by a "glow" around the player.  I don't believe cards like this pop up again in the set.  Particularly the #3 Hank Thompson and #9 Bobby Hogue both come to mind as nice examples of the solid color/glow background.  There are a lot of cards in the set with solid backgrounds, but they lack that "glow" outline around the player, which I think makes for a much nicer looking card than just the solid background.

Don had a fantastic rookie season, hitting 22 home runs, and driving in 81 runs while batting .273 for the St. Louis Browns in 1950.  Unfortunately for Lenhardt, those would his season highs for home runs and RBI's in a career that lasted only five seasons.

Stats: 5 seasons, 401 hits, 61 home runs, 6 stolen bases

Best Hall of Fame Showing: N/A

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