Monday, April 22, 2013

#49 Johnny Sain

#49 Johnny Sain
Progress: 1st of this card
78 of 407   19.2% complete
How acquired: $5.30 on ebay
Condition: Fair
I picked this up as part of a two card lot, the other card being Joe Page, so I picked up the famous "error" couple in one swing.  Though obviously these are the corrected versions.  I've yet to make up my mind as to what I think if this card.  I either really like the red/yellow background, or can't stand it.  I think it's one of those things thats going to have to be revisited over the years before I can say for certain.

Johnny missed 3 years to military service immediately after his rookie season.  He promptly won 20, 21, and an NL Best 24 in '48 upon his return (finished 2nd in MVP voting in '48).  

Stats: 11 seasons, 3x All-Star, Four 20 win seasons.

Best Hall of Fame Showing: 34% 1975

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  1. 'Spahn, Sain and two days of rain' is how the saying went I think.