Tuesday, February 5, 2013

#243 Larry Doby

#243 Larry Doby
Progress: 1st of this card
59 of 407  14.5% Complete
How acquired: $5.83 on ebay
Condition: Fair
I'm sure I lose a lot of collector's when I say this, but aside for the significant amount of paper loss on the front of this card it's in pretty nice shape.  For a player of Doby's historical significance, paper-loss or not, $5.83 is a steal.

This also has to be one of the 1st batting cage shots used by Topps, a type of shot I'm huge fan of, but Topps has all but abandoned since the mid-80's.

MLB Stats: 13 seasons, 7x All-Star, 1st African American to play in American League

Played 5 seasons in the Negro League 

Inducted into Hall of fame in 1998 by the Veterans Committee


  1. Yeah, with that card, the paper loss doesn't really bother me. Very nice pick up.

  2. Yup, this is a great photo. Can you imagine how beautiful this card was when it was brand new, right out of the pack?

  3. Love the '52 Doby card. You did well on this one.

  4. Great job. I actually had to look closely to notice the paper loss