Friday, December 14, 2012

#65 Enos Slaughter

#65 Enos Slaughter
Progress: 1st of this card
27 of 407   6.3%  Complete
How Acquired: $10.50 on ebay, I previously posted the details of what I sold to get paypal credits to buy this on another blog.  Something I hope to start incorporating here when I have to start targeting higher dollar cards.
Condition: Fair
Ok, so it's beat to hell.  But he's a Hall of Famer, and it's in one piece, has no rips, tears, stains, or pen marks.  As far as I'm concerned it's beautiful.

Stats: 19 seasons (lost 3 to Military Service), 10x All-Star, 148 Triples

Inducted in to Hall of Fame by Veterans Committee in 1985

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